Your Prime Dentistry Resource

We’ll place providers and staff for you so you can focus on your patients.

Human Resources

With us, there’s no need for an IT company. We’ll troubleshoot and correct all technical issues.

Technical Support

Need to increase new patient flow? We’ll handle all of your marketing efforts.

Advertising &

From setting up direct deposits to processing payroll, your accounting is completely covered.

Payroll &

Rather than keeping track of your inventory, we’ll ensure that the office is fully stocked at all times.

Products &

Provider development and one-on-one training is of the utmost importance to us.



Our commitmentto You

As a provider, it’s natural to question what kind of control you’ll have over your treatment plans when you’re acquired by a larger network. Rest assured, our providers are one of our top priorities. We are heavily focused on the continual development of each of our providers. When you’re part of the Prime family, you can expect:

  • Case Studies
  • Financial Assistance
  • Quarterly Study Club
  • Scenario Problem-Solving
  • Treatment Planning Workshops
  • Provider Mentorship

WhyChoose Us?

Transitioning a dental practice from one provider to the next is a critical period for the business. With us, instead of shutting the practice down, patients can continue going to the dental practice they know and love with the staff they’re accustomed to. For the staff, we alleviate some of the administrative responsibility so they can really focus on education and patient care. An affiliated partnership with our larger brand gives you access to the following:

Prime Dentistry Perks

  • High-Quality Service
  • Product Availability
  • Discounted Lab Costs
  • Staff & Provider Coverage
  • Technology Maintenance

Grow With Prime Dentistry

Prime Dentistry’s specialty is acquiring practices that are transitioning within the upcoming 6 to 18 months. This allows a smooth shift from the retiring dentist to the new dentist while still upholding the practice’s character, atmosphere, and workflow. We’ll place a new provider within the practice and provide the financial and administrative backing that’s necessary for a flawless transition.


Prime Dentistry